Hire Interns to Help with Your Website Development Projects

In this economy all businesses are looking for ways to become more efficient. Whether you’re a website development company who builds websites for clients or you’re a business owner who needs to build your own website, hiring an intern with website development skills can be a very strategic move on your part. Not only are young people creative and usually up on the latest web trends, but they come cheaper than other more seasoned website developers.

Hire Interns to Help with Your Website Development Projects

In this article we are going to explore how hiring interns can help with your next website development project, the benefits of hiring interns, structuring the internship program, ideas for finding the best interns for your company, what you should pay your interns, and how to get the most out of your interns.



40 Best Minimal Website Design

Minimalism has been a popular website design style for years. Minimal sites are elegant and beautiful and showcase only the necessary & selective information. You won’t find large pictures or glossy buttons in minimal designs, but fonts are some of those rare accents they can have. Carefully chosen fonts can really enhance your design.

In this collection we have put together some fresh and beautiful minimal web design for your inspiration. Come take a look at our list and on a showcase of website with minimal designs. Feel free to share your opinion with us and let us know which one is your favorite.

1. Co:collective

Co collective

35 Useful CSS3 Tutorials To Boost Your Skills

Good CSS3  tutorials can teach you the tricks and techniques used but experienced web designers and developers to implement a specific solution. Looking the experts over the shoulders is also a great way to pick up inspiration and very importantly see that something your client is asking for can actually be done.

A great CSS3 tutorial adressing requirements you need to fulfill further can kickstart a project and help you impress clients. CSS is for styling and it is working closely with HTML and often with JavaScript / jQuery to add real dynamic stuff. You really may want to also seek some wizdom in some cool jQuery tutorials if you are not already mastering it.

In this article we have collected some of the best CSS3 tutorials we have been able to find. Please drop a comment if we missed some good ones that you think should have made it onto the list.

Create an animated 3d bar chart using CSS3


This is a tutorial on how to create an animated 3d bar chart using CSS only.

Enhancing your Image Thumb Galleries using CSS3 Transitions and Transforms (Responsive)


Here you will learn to make in an image gallery which is not intended to be lightbox alternatives or have anywhere near the same capabilities, but which provides some middle ground by subtly enhancing our image thumb galleries, much like the way Google Images provides a further taster by slightly enlarging their images when they’re hovered over. All these using CSS3.

You may enhance the user experience across browsers with the techniques explained in this tutorial.

Top 10 Web Design Tips

A great website will help your business look professional and your readers will easily find what they need. It is very important to design from the user’s perspective in order to create a successful website. Here is a list with 10 things which I think are most important to keep in mind when designing a website.

1. Simple is better!

The most important rule of web design is to create a website that will tell the visitor exactly what it is about in less than 5 seconds. Not too much information, less ads and organized content will make your website not only SEO friendly but also will attract lots of readers. A website must be easy to use. Simplicity is key.


6 secrets for successful small teams

Managing small engineering teams is fun. You’re close to the technology, close to team that’s writing code, and solving problems hands-on. Don’t get me wrong: it’s satisfying, rewarding, and impactful to manage large teams, but there’s nothing like being in the details and seeing a product come together. You lead a small team, by being an example that folks can follow; in contrast, you manage a large team. It’s different.

Here’s six things I’ve learnt along the way about leading small teams. This post was inspired by Greg Brockman’s 6 secrets for building a super team – Greg explained how to hire a small super team, and this is my sequel on how to make it world class.

1. Lead by Example

I’ve seen newly-minted leaders of small teams fail. One of the common reasons is they stop doing what they’re good at: being technical. And when they stop, engineers stop following them. Engineers want their leaders to be driving engineering, working on the hardest problems, and setting an example.

6 Important Tips To Getting More Design Projects

Graphic designers and web designers were among the most hit with the receding economy. With clients opting to outsource their graphic design works to freelance marketplaces, where desperate workers from all over the world bid pennies for projects, how do you ensure you survive in this tough economic situation?

design projects 6 Important Tips to Getting More Design Projects
(Image Source: Fotolia)

Even with your exemplary design skills, getting income online through freelancing is still a great challenge. However, we jump in this industry because we have faith and passion on our skills and products. Don’t let these challenges bring you down, read on to find out useful tips that will get clients sign up and work with you regularly!