12 Essential WordPress Plugins That Will Make Your Life Easier

With a new blog starting in every 7 seconds, the competition is fierce for each and every author.

Most of the bloggers emphasis on producing quality content to get more leads to their small business, but forget about building social presence and making their business blog search engine friendly.

Yet, with this article I want to share 12 Essential WordPress Plugins that can give you huge boost of traffic and make your blog more search engine friendly.

#1. Digg Digg

Digg digg is a very cool plugin that allows you to add float social media buttons in your articles. It’s an all in one social media solution for a WordPress blog.

Digg Digg social media buttons plugin

With the recent BrightEdge research, it has proven that placing social media buttons on your blog can drive more traffic.

  • It allows you to display all the popular social media buttons on your blog. They recently added the Pinterest & Buffer app button to their list of social sharing buttons
  • It has great customization options. You can choose a floating bar like here or add sharing buttons at the top or bottom of the post like we have here.
  • Lazy loading to increase the performance of the blog.
  • Digg Digg has all the social media button that one would ever need, but doesn’t allow to add your own social media buttons unlike other social sharing plugins.

Get the Digg Digg Plugin

#2. The Slide

Simplereach will help you get more eyeballs on your articles. The Slide recommends related posts from within your site on a widget that “slides” in at the bottom of the page.

The Slide Simple Reach WordPress plugin

You have seen a similar content recommendation widget on sites like Mashable, and now SimpleReach is allowing anybody to take advantage of this awesome plugin for free.

One of the best thing of this plugin is, it don’t just suggest anything. It uses a new algorithm to pick the most relevant article for your readers.

  • Increased sharing on Twitter and Facebook via embedded social buttons
  • Access to full analytics in ‘Reports’ at SimpleReach.com
  • Customize The Slide’s style and functionality
  • It works smoothly with all the WordPress themes and doesn’t effect the speed of your site

Get the The Slide Plugin

#3. FooBar

A very powerful plugin that every blogger needs to know about is FooBar. It simply lets you add a sticky message at the top of your blog. It can be something that you want to promote or may be a blog post.

foobar WordPress Notifier plugin

I’ve been using it for most of my business sites to promote affiliates, new products and blog posts. It works great and gives fantastic results. It’s very similar to the HelloBar plugin.

  • The plugin literally takes less than a minute to set up everything.
  • Customize colors, fonts and even textures with the Hello Bar editor.
  • You can embed the foobar on almost any type of sites.

Get the FoorBar Plugin

#4 W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is the most complete Website performance solution for WordPress. It improves the user experience of your site by tweaking the performance of your servers and caching the every element of your site.

W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin

With the help of this free plugin, you can increase the speed up to 10 times and get more traffic by the search engine giant, Google.

  • Improved web server performance; sustain high traffic periods Up to 80% bandwidth savings via minify and HTTP compression of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and feeds
  • Compatible with shared hosting, virtual private / dedicated servers and dedicated servers / clusters
  • Browser caching using cache-control, future expire headers and entity tags (ETag) with “cache-busting”

Get the W3 Total cache Plugin

#5 WordPress SEO by Yoast

There are many free and paid SEO plugins available out there. Before WordPress SEO plugin, All in one SEO used to be go to plugin when it comes to doing SEO for WordPress.

WordPress SEO Plugin By Yoast

The plugin comes with some great set of features like a snippet review, page content, meta titles and much more.

  • It analysis your page / post for simple things that you’re bound to forget. For Instance, if you have images in your post and whether they have an alt tag containing the focus keyword for that post.
  • Easily allows you to control the correct canonical on each page, including the homepage, tags and categories.
  • Meta & Link Elements – The SEO pluginWith the WordPress SEO plugin you can control which pages Google shows in its search results and which pages it doesn’t show.
  • Multi-Site Compatible – The plugin has the multi site compatible functionality.
  • Import & Export – One of the most amazing feature of this plugin i like is, it easily lets you import or export the SEO settings to thesis or genesis or any other framework out there with the support of SEO Data Transporter plugin.

Get the WordPress SEO Plugin

#6 GASP Anti-spam Plugin

Growmap Anti spam plugin is a fantastic Anti-spam plugin that uses a simple algorithm to stop the spammers & spam bots. The plugin adds a client side generated checkbox to your comment form asking users to confirm that they are not a spammer. It’s way better than Akismet plugin.

Confirm your are not a spammer GASP Plugin for WordPress

A check is made that the checkbox has been checked before the comment is submitted so there’s no chance that a comment will be lost if it’s being submitted by legitimate human user.

Get the GASP Plugin

#7 Backup Buddy

What if one day you wake up to find out that all the work you’ve done on your blog was gone? Wouldn’t that be your worst nightmare.

Backup Buddy is the plugin that I’ve been using for all my blogs. It’s a must have plugin for WordPress. It’s a premium plugin.

Backup Buddy Premium Backup solution for WordPress

You can even backup your blog manually or with a free plugin.

But, it’s important that you understand the importance of having a backup of your blog. Most of the free plugins only back up the pages, posts & comments, whereas Backup Buddy back all the data – content, comments, users, settings, themes, plugins, etc within few minutes.

If you still don’t understand the importance of using a Backup buddy as a backup solution, I’d defiantly recommend you to go with the free option.

Get the Backup Buddy Plugin

#8 Editorial Calender

The Editorial Calendar makes it possible to see all your posts and drag and drop them to manage your blog. I’ve recently started using it and love the simplicity to manage & schedule the posts. With the Editorial calender, you can set drafts or schedule posts and view them live on a calendar within WordPress.

Editorial Calender WordPress plugin

The editorial calendar gives you an overview of your blog and when each post will be published. You can drag and drop to move posts, edit posts right in the calendar, and manage your entire blog.

Get the Editorial Calender Plugin

#9 Smush.it

WP Smush.it is a simple plugin that reduces the image file sizes and improve performance using its API within WordPress.

WP Smushit WordPress plugin

It offers an API that performs these optimizations automatically, and this plugin seamlessly integrates Smush.it with WordPress.

  • The plugin is very light weight and works perfectly with WordPress. I’ve been using it from an year and half and never had any issue.
  • Stripping meta data from JPEGs and un-used colors from indexed images
  • Optimizing JPEG compression
  • Converting certain GIFs to indexed PNGs

Download the WP Smush.it

#10 Optin Skin

Who don’t want more leads, more subscribers, etc. I do and every one who wants to make money looks for getting more leads. With the help of optin skin plugin, you can get more leads / subscribers without putting any extra effort.

optinskin Lead generation plugin for wordpress

The plugin comes with 18 beautiful designed forms to choose form. Many bloggers in the industry has already started using this little plugin. It costs $47 and you can run the plugin on unlimited sites.

  • It easily lets you test all the elements of your opt-in form.
  • Customize every single element of your form with their “Simple Editor”.
  • Allows you to add social media buttons with few clicks.
  • Works perfectly with all the email service providers – Aweber, Mailchimp, mailchimp, iContact and Feedburner.

Get the OptinSkin Plugin

#11 Thirsty Affiliates

I never liked those ugly affiliate links and that’s why I’ve been using Thirsty Affiliates plugin for all my business blogs.

Best Link Management plugin for WordPress

Thirsty Affiliates is a premium plugin that helps you cloak the ugly affiliate links. Here’s how a non cloaked aff. link looks like


And after cloaking it with the Thirsty Affiliates plugin, it would became


If you don’t want to spend money on this plugin, Pretty link is a good alternative.

Get the Thirsty Affiliates Plugin

#12 WP Touch

As more and more people accessing sites or blogs from their smartphones / tablets, it’s very important to have your site optimized for mobile devices.

If you haven’t optimized your site, you’re missing a big opportunity to spread your content in a new way. Fortunately, optimizing a WordPress site is very easy. All you have to do is to install the WPtouch plugin.

WPtouch automatically transforms your WordPress website into an application-like theme, complete with ajax loading articles and effects when viewed from the most popular web browsing devices like the iPhone, iPod touch, Android mobile devices and BlackBerry OS6 mobile devices.

The plugin allows the ability for visitors to switch between WPtouch view and your site’s regular theme.

Get the WPTouch Plugin

The WPTouch PRO version comes with a slew of new features like more style, color and branding customizations, themes, 10 languages, more advertising options and Web-Application mode.

Link From http://www.wpkube.com/12-essential-wordpress-plugins-that-will-make-your-life-easier/


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