30 Days to Learn HTML and CSS

Even if your goal is not to become a web designer, learning HTML and CSS can be an amazing tool to have in your skill-set – both in the workplace, and at home. If this has been on your to-do list for some time, why don’t you take thirty days and join me? Give me around ten minutes every day, and I’ll teach you the essentials of HTML and CSS.
And don’t worry…we start at the beginning!

Introduction 55s
Course Introduction 55s
Week 1 50m 16s
Your First Web Page 9m 50s
Finding a Proper Code Editor 7m 15s
Lists 12m 36s
Parent-Child Relationships 5m 18s
Heading Tags 3m 42s
Blockquotes 2m 36s
Anchors 8m 59s
Week 2 56m 5s
Your First Stylesheet 9m 46s
Clean Project Structures 1m 58s
Images 4m 33s
The Necessity of Divs 7m 12s
IDs and Classes 8m 30s
An Assignment 1m 32s
Assignment Solutions 8m 37s
Floats, and a Simple Layout 13m 57s
Week 3 1h 22m 55s
Navigation Lists 6m 16s
An Introduction to Forms 15m 47s
Image Replacement 6m 30s
The Basics of Typography 10m 21s
The Difference Between Relative and Absolute Positioning 7m 39s
Reproduce a Website Fragment 30m 46s
The Importance of Validation 5m 36s
Week 4 29m 24s
Zen Coding 6m 32s
Resets and Normalizing 5m 1s
CSS Frameworks 17m 51s
Final Project 1h 19m 58s
Creating the Markup 11m 31s
How to Slice a PSD 8m 40s
How to Create Snippets 3m 34s
The CSS For Our Website 38m 46s
Completing the Website 17m 27s

Original Resource : http://tutsplus.com/course/30-days-to-learn-html-and-css/


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